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Quilt Display Kicks off International AIDS Conference

By Dr. Gail Barouh

In the first part of our blog on the AIDS Memorial Quilt we gave you a brief history of the Quilt. But there’s a lot more information to cover on the Quilt and we didn’t mention that the funds raised by the Quilt for direct services for People with AIDS has been over $4,000,000! And that there has been over 18,000,000 visitors to the Quilt which currently has over 91,000 names on it. The Quilt’s current size is 1,293,300 square feet and if you were to see the entire Quilt, spending only one minute per panel, it would take you over 33 days to view it.

From July 21-25, 2012, sections of the Quilt will be on display on the National Mall and at more than 40 other locations in Washington DC, coinciding with the International AIDS Conference that is taking place at the Washington Convention Center. The International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) provides the global scientific community with a vital opportunity to engage with one another and advance all facets of the collective effort to prevent and treat HIV. This Conference will play a key role in shaping international scientific and public health responses to HIV/AIDS.

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