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President Obama Vows to Direct Attention to AIDS Research

by: Gail Barouh

President Obama has been the target of criticism after being addressed as not fully supporting the AIDS epidemic. Most of the disapproval began to speak louder volumes proceeding Obama’s trip to Africa this summer.  Critics have argued that since Obama’s release of his 2010 AIDS strategy little progress has been made.  Even Michael Weinsten, the President and co-founder of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation stated: “The Obama administration’s commitment to AIDS has been disappointing.”

Well, President Obama put concern to rest yesterday when he decided to re-address AIDS concerns.

According to the Washington Times: “President Obama issued an executive order Monday to enhance the federal government’s response to ‘the ongoing domestic HIV epidemic,’ including expanded testing.”  The executive order emphasized the high importance of early treatment and aggressive testing.

Other media coverage such as Yahoo News brought about the information that as a part of this new order those chosen to be on the forefront of research are Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius and The Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy, Grant Colfax.

What is behind most of the criticism is the comparison between President Obama and President Bush’s attention towards funding AIDS research.  President Bush notably enacted PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which cost an estimated $15 billion.

In sixth months from now, the officials addressing AIDS research will issue a report of their findings. Hopefully, Obama’s executive order will bear positive results for the AIDS fight.

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