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Surviving the Heat Wave This Summer

by: Gail Barouh

It’s that time of the year again when the summer heat reaches unbearable levels. Long Island, along with the rest of the country is facing a heat wave. Temperatures in Death Valley, California reached 128 degrees. While in Arizona, the temperatures allowed a wildfire to spread and claim the lives of 19 firefighters.

During the heat waves our communities face it is crucial to protect your health from the scorching temperatures. Some health complications you may face are: heat exhaustion–which causes nausea, dizziness, or fainting. Another potential health problem is heat stroke, which may cause confusion, headache, breathing complications, or seizures in extreme cases.  However, these heat-driven illnesses can be stopped in their tracks by following some of these steps:  

1.     Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water to avoid exhaustion. However, be sure to avoid liquids that can further dehydrate you such as alcohol and coffee.

2.     Try not to spend long periods of time outside during a heat wave. To be safe spend more time indoors. If traveling is a necessity, travel at night when temperatures go down.

3.     Never leave children or pets inside of a parked car. Parked cars can reach temperatures of at least 100 degrees in no time. 

4.     Avoid strenuous exercise in the event of a heat wave

5.     Be sure to wear light and loose fitting clothing. By wearing looser clothing you will not constrict yourself and increase body temperatures. Avoid black colored clothing because it is known to absorb sunlight.

6.     Be sure to pay closer attention to: pets, the elderly, and young children who can be affected most by the high temperatures.


These precautions can help you bear the heat this summer. During these heat waves spend time at the mall, the movies, or at a pool. LIAAC hopes you enjoy your summer and spend it in both a healthy and positive way!


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