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Case Management

Case Management Services is a multi-step process used to ensure timely access to and coordination of medical and psychosocial support services. LIAAC provides case management, crisis intervention and support to HIV+ individuals. These services include different levels of case management: Community-Based Case Management, Supportive Case Management, and Linkage to Care/Prevention with Positives Brief Case Management Programs. The level provided is based upon an intensive assessment of an individual’s needs and concerns. Support is provided individually through staff and in group settings through regularly scheduled Support Groups and educational workshops for HIV+ individuals. Each group is facilitated by LIAAC staff members, with direct service experience in this field. These groups provide a forum for discussion, as well as a social connection for those with limited support networks in place. All the services provided are confidential and available in English and Spanish.

Comprehensive Case Management (CCM) Comprehensive Case Management is a proactive case management model intended to serve persons living with HIV/AIDS with multiple complex psychosocial and/or health related needs and their families/close support systems. The model is designed to serve individuals who may require a longer time investment and who agree to an intensive level of case management service provision.

Supportive Case Management (SCM) The Supportive Case Management model is responsive to the immediate needs of a person living with HIV/AIDS. Supportive case management is suitable for persons with discrete needs that can be addressed in the short term. Supportive case management is also an appropriate service for clients who have completed comprehensive case management but still require a maintenance level of periodic support from a case manager.

All case managers travel throughout Long Island to assist clients in coordinating essential services. Case Managers conference with medical providers and network with outside agencies to help clients obtain Social Security/SSI benefits, housing, home health care, alcohol or drug treatment, transportation, food, clothing, legal assistance, and information about treatment options.


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