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Suffolk County Education Services

The Suffolk County Education Services program targets college aged (18-24 years old) individuals who have engaged in high-risk behavior. HIV and STI testing is available, as well as educational workshops that focus on topics of particular interest to this age group, including STIs, HIV 101, and Substance Use. Additionally, the Suffolk County Education Services Manager offers BASICS, a multi-session evidence based intervention, available in both individual and group settings.

BASICS, which is an acronym for Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students, is a harm reduction approach that uses assessments, questionaries’ and surveys to help college students identify behavioral and health risks associated with binge drinking. It also gives them tools to help reduce their own alcohol consumption.

Developed by Psychologist from the University of Washington, it has been modified to broaden the scope of the targeted population so that all individuals who are “college aged” but not necessarily enrolled in school at this time.

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