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Testing & Mobile Outreach

The Mobile Outreach Department provides services to the populations who are in-need through a mobile approach. This is in stark contrast to the current alternative of fixed-location clinics and services agencies that are almost entirely un-accessed by the target populations (because of lack of awareness/trust, transportation obstacles, long waiting times, and low motivation by impoverished clients to overcome such hurdles). This approach is designed to overcome these barriers and literally bring an array of core services to disadvantaged clients “on their own turf.”

Project Safety Net – SAMHSA CSAT

The Long Island Association for AIDS Care, Inc., (LIAAC), as the lead agency and its collaborating partners, EOC of Suffolk and Seafield Services, Inc., has implemented a targeted, integrated mobile community outreach project. Project Safety Net offers a comprehensive network of field-based services to the targeted population – individuals who are struggling with substance abuse or mental/behavioral health disabilities. These services include (a) immediate access to substance use treatment; (b) substance abuse, HIV, and viral Hepatitis education; (c) HIV and HCV rapid testing; (d) HIV/Hepatitis C/Substance Abuse screenings and assessments; (e) brief strengths-based case management; and (f) comprehensive referrals and linkages to a wide array of needed services. A main goal of the project is to decrease health care disparities among those residing on Long Island.

  • Government Performance and Results Act surveys
  • Fast-Tracking into Substance Abuse
  • Rapid HIV testing
  • Rapid HCV testing
  • Brief Strengths-Based Case Management
  • Free Condom Distribution
  • Community Navigation and Linkage to Ancillary Services


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Project Safety Net

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